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Young people are called on to tackle coffee growing


Dec 21, 2022

CIBITOKE December 21st (ABP) – The chief of staff in the office of the governor of Cibitoke province, Mr. Anicet Saïdi calls on the young people of Cibitoke province to go about coffee growing.

The appeal was made on Monday, December 19, 2022, in Kagimbu village, Buhindo zone in Murwi commune, during the provincial launch of the campaign of spraying, fertilization, establishment of coffee plants, and sowing of new coffee trees.

The same official urges young people to properly maintain their coffee plantations, by spraying, pruning, fertilizing, avoiding cassava and other crops that hinder the growing of young coffee trees for more production.

As for the head of the training, extension and supervision of cooperatives service at the provincial office for the environment, agriculture and livestock (BPEAE) in Cibitoke, Mr. Patrice Ntunzwenimana, made the coffee growers aware of the proper maintenance of their plantations, through the package of activities planned in that campaign. He encouraged them to renew the old plantations.

It is worth noting that coffee growers require the timely availability of the necessary equipment and fertilizers.