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The hybrid maize harvest campaign has been launched in Rango commune


Dec 20, 2022

KAYANZA December 20th (ABP) – The communal administration of Rango, in Kayanza province (north), launched last Thursday the harvest campaign for hybrid maize sown during the 2022 growing season C. Users of the six swamps of the Rango commune pooled them for bloc farming.

The launch of that campaign took place in the Kanyemvuvyi swamp which extends over 25 hectares.

After explaining that bloc farming is of paramount importance in the sense that it facilitates the guarding of crop fields and the proper management of production, the communal agronomist of Rango, Mr. Bède Ndayizeye, asked the inhabitants of that commune to pool their plots of land with a view to practicing bloc agriculture.

The inhabitants were called upon to manage the harvest and not to waste it.