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Inhabitants are called upon to join local health insurance associations


Dec 20, 2022

RUTANA December 20th (ABP) – Only 1.3% of the population have joined local mutuality associations in Rutana province. This was said by the representative of the local mutuality association FEMUSCABU, in that province, Mr. Martin Nkurikiye, during a meeting of the permanent executive secretariat of the national commission for social protection which was held in the headquarters of that province.

The head of that body, Mr. Anselme Banyiyezako, wonders why that number is so small.

Mr. Nkurikiye said that various reasons are at the origin of the fact, including poverty and poor access to information concerning the functioning of those mutuals as well as their location.

He further reported that they are working to achieve a high number of members in that province by placing signs to guide the population to the places of service of those associations.

Mr. Banyiyezako returned to the importance of participating in such associations, specifying that they provide assistance to the people with regard to access to medical care, since diseases occur without warning. He added that a subscriber has the right to add a relative aged 60 or over among the people to be taken care of by that mutual, and that in those associations, they also carry out development projects.

Regarding the free treatment of people aged 60 in hospitals, Mr. Banyiyezako deplored that most hospitals in Rutana province do not send invoices within that body to make the payment of expenses relating to that treatment, which constitutes a loss for the hospitals. He called on the heads of health facilities to send those invoices on time for the benefit of the beneficiaries and their institutions. He appealed to officials of the basic administration, as well as community leaders, to sensitize people to join others in those associations, in order to be able to contribute to the development of the country.