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The “NIBE” company, at the service of the electrification of the rural world


Dec 9, 2022

GITEGA December 5th  (ABP) – A single-member company “NIBE”, belonging to Mr. Landry Nikiza, 26, is involved in contributing to the electrification of the rural world, as his representative testified to the ABP. Mr. Nikiza said that the low rate of electricity coverage by Regideso in rural areas motivated him to initiate this project.

Faced with this problem, he said, consideration has been given to the use of photovoltaic energy (solar energy) and therefore to manufacture related equipment, such as batteries, street lamps and the conversion of 220V light bulbs into 12V bulbs. The advantage of this innovation is the low cost to meet the low purchasing power of the rural population, according to Mr. Nikiza.

Another advantage is the contribution to the reduction of youth unemployment, he added, adding that the NIBE already has about ten young people working there full time. “There is no doubt that this number will increase, given the success of the company,” he told the ABP. He thanked the Burundian government through the Youth Economic Empowerment Program (PAEJE) which granted him financial support to make his dreams come true.

With its head office in the Magarama district, in the urban center of Gitega (center of the country), this company shines in different corners of the country thanks to the points of sale of its products created in particular in Gitega (center), in Ngozi (north) , Ruyigi, Cankuzo (East) and Rutana (South-East).

Mr. Nikiza recommended that young people capitalize on their knowledge by imagining ways out of unemployment. The knowledge acquired during the educational course should lead young people to self-employment and, therefore, to the emergence of the country, concluded Mr. Nikiza.