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Young widowed and unemployed women are called upon to learn small trades for self-development


Dec 4, 2022

GITEGA December 3rd (ABP) – Nshimirimana Spès, a widowed “chikwangue” seller in the capital of Bugendana commune said that currently most young widowed women engage in bad behavior to ensure the survival of their orphans children instead of toiling to earn an honest living, she said on Tuesday, October 30, 2022 in an interview with some people who work in small jobs in Bugendana commune in Gitega province (Center of the country).

                      The young Mpawenayo manufacturing motorcycles

Mrs. Nshimirimana said that she is delighted with her job, which she has been doing since 1987, because, she says, she has already bought several properties as well as cattle. “This is how I managed to raise my five children after the death of her husband in 1993 until they founded their homes. She was delighted that most of her children copied this profession which allowed them to grow.

AThe widow Nshimirimana reported that after the death of her husband, she lived a painful life with the members of the family of the deceased and that several men wanted to remarry her but without success because she was concerned about the education of her children. That widow reported that most of the young women of old who lost their husbands followed the advice given to them by parents or friends not to indulge in debauchery, unlike women today. She appealed to them to agree to sweat for bread rather than engage in despicable behavior. She also challenged them to join “Nawe Nuze” cooperatives or solidarity chains to apply for small loans in order to start small projects.

The widow Nshimirimana also called on these women to learn small trades that will allow them to earn a daily and honest living and to provide schooling and health care for their children, without reaching out.

Mrs. Nshimirimana shares this idea with some mechanics of repairing motorcycles at this center. Mr. Prosper Mpawenayo called on young people, particularly the unemployed, who fold their arms to learn trades for self-development because, according to him, the government will not have places to hire all the unemployed.

Whether Mrs. Nshimirimana or Mr. Prosper, they appeal to anyone who is unemployed in general to come together in a cooperative to benefit from loans from the banks and particularly to widows not to put themselves aside because the union makes strength.