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The governor and heads of provincial services made a field visit


Aug 19, 2022

MURAMVYA Aug 17th (ABP) – In that campaign of field trip at the level of the zones to participate in the community works and to receive the grievances of the population, the governor of Muramvya province was on Saturday in the Gasura zone and was in the company of all provincial department heads.

They participated in the maintenance of the surroundings of the village hall under construction in the capital of the Gasura zone. A room which is built thanks to the efforts of the population, natives and friends of Gasura, as indicated respectively by the chief of the Gasura zone and the communal administrator of Mbuye in their welcoming speech.

In his interview with the people of the Gasura zone, the provincial delegation led by Governor Diomède Nzambimana received grumbling from the people based on the fact that there are intellectual and ill-intentioned people who assume the right to spread lies via WhatsApp with the aim of disrupting the administration and communal development.

A behavior that did not at all please the officials who spoke,  a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The latter launched a vibrant appeal to everyone, including these broadcasters of misleading remarks via WhatsApp groups, in order to respect the administrative and hierarchical authorities, to stop the remarks deemed useless and inappropriate which have been circulating for some time in Mbuye commune.

Among the grievances that the people of Gasura submitted to the governor of Muramvya province are judgments rendered or executed against the expectations of litigants, land disputes, non-respect of the hierarchy, disputes related to divorces and others. They also spoke of the need for a bridge linking the Mbuye and Bugendana communes of Gitega province in order to facilitate the movement of goods and people between the two communes.

Governor Diomede Nzambimana praised the fact that there is generally peace, security, unity and social cohesion in the Gasura area. Nevertheless, he too regretted that he had people who did not respect the administration or who created disorder. The Governor of Muramvya province has made it known that he will not tolerate anyone who will be accused of disrespecting hierarchy or authority.

Governor Diomède Nzambimana calls on the people of the Gasura zone to continue to join cooperatives to increase production, to send children to school to fight against illiteracy, to maintain roads and to protect the environment without forgetting to ensure the compliance with the prices of industrial products such as Brarudi beverages, BUCECO cement and sugar.