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Different authorities of Bubanza promise the support of the2022 1st runner-up


Jun 9, 2022

BUBANZA June 7th (ABP) – Various authorities in Bubanza province (north-west of Burundi) promise the support of the 2022 1st runner-up, Arlène Antoine Sezerano, a native of that province, in the implementation of her projects and that those are beneficial to the inhabitants on the site, this Friday, June 3, in welcoming ceremonies for this young girl.

Miss Sezerano indicated that she presented two projects, namely the one she named “fish farming in above-ground tanks”, and the one she called “Bubanza Talents Recording” which consists in detecting the talents of one and all others, especially in various schools in order to highlight them, and to make them participate in different competitions.

One of the deputies, elected in the constituency of Bubanza, Mr. Olivier Suguru, promises the support of the 1st runner-up in the implementation of these projects, through the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi (CFCIB). And for the members of the women’s forum who promised the execution of the said projects, this deputy promised them the sum of one million FBu, in each commune, for the start-up of these projects.

The head of the Rukoko nature reserve, Mr. Pacifique Ininahazwe promised fish to be raised for this “fish farming in aboveground tanks”.

The governor of Bubanza province, Mr. Cléophas Nizigiyimana, invites his leaders to take ownership of these projects, especially that of fish farming and to support any provincial development initiative. Note that the provincial authorities have granted an envelope to the 1st runner-up, as a gift. And the latter also gave an envelope for the contribution of the modern stadium.