• Sat. May 25th, 2024

Pastors and evangelists called upon to serve as models instead of tearing each other apart


Apr 26, 2024

KAYANZA, April 23rd (ABP) – On Friday, the governor of Kayanza province closed an international conference that had been held in the provincial capital since Sunday 14 April, attended by pastors and evangelists from 11 African countries including Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, South Africa, etc. The conference resulted in the certification of the participants. At the end of the conference, the participants were certified.

The governor of Kayanza expressed his confidence that the lessons taught would enable the participants to become leaders worthy of the mission assigned to them, who love their sheep and encourage them to work hard. That, he said, would lead to the development not only of the churches but also of the country. At the same time, Governor Cishahayo suggested that the teachings of pastors and evangelists are not in vain, since they play a part in reducing crime. However, he condemned the attitude of certain pastors and evangelists who quarrel instead of guiding their followers, inviting them to get their act together, especially as that attitude is contrary to God’s will.