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Problems with telephone networks and low internet speed, some of the constraints to good communication


Jun 6, 2022

BUBANZA June 6th (ABP) – The Minister of Communication, Information Technologies and Media, Mrs. Léocadie Ndacayisaba, met on Friday June 3, the heads of provincial services of Bubanza (north-west of Burundi), and discussed the obstacles and solutions to the smooth running of the activities of the decentralized and decentralized services of this ministry, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Some of the challenges raised in that meeting are, among others, the problem of telephone networks where many localities remain unreachable, particularly in Muzinda, Manege and in the Ruce zone in Rugazi commune, Kagwema and village four in Gihanga commune, at a time when the telephone has become a work tool, especially for administrators. The low speed of the internet in schools, the provincial telecentre which is no longer functional, anything that passes on social networks and which can sow insecurity. They also speak of the national television which broadcasts, in recent times, poor quality images, poor reception at the stations and others. They are asking for a community radio.

Regarding the low speed of the internet, Minister Ndacayisaba reassures them that there are projects underway at the ministry to increase this speed. As for the reception at the Post Offices, she indicates that she will talk about it with the leaders of the Régie Nationale des Postes for the remedy. As for a community radio station, she asks them to follow the procedure required by the CNC.

Minister Ndacayisaba asks the inhabitants of Bubanza province to report in real time, each time they notice an obstacle to good communication and information, as well as to the functioning of the various decentralized and decentralized services of this ministry. It should be noted that the Minister of Communication, Information Technologies and Media continued her descent into Cibitoke province.