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People of Nyanza-Lac commune are called on to adhere to development programs


May 19, 2022

MAKAMBA May 18th (ABP) – The governor of Makamba, Mrs. Françoise Ngozirazana held on Monday, May 16, 2022, in Nyanza-Lac a meeting for grassroots administrators, heads of communal services, representatives of confessions religious and political parties.

According to Mrs. Ngozirazana, peace and security are in good shape in Nyanza-Lac despite a few isolated cases of fraud and theft of electrical wires. She also mentioned the case of some followers of the Church of the Unity of the Holy Spirit in Burundi (EUSEBU), who do not want to respect the leaders in place.

At the end of the exchanges, Mrs. Ngozirazana asked those leaders and especially those of religious denominations, to sensitize the people to adhere to development and self-financing programs. She invited religious leaders to contribute to the building of the commune, by instructing their followers to strengthen families, to avoid debauchery.

The provincial commissioner, Mr. Emmanuel Manariyo recalled that the electrical wires of REGIDESO remain the property of that public institution, which is why no one is authorized to keep those electrical wires in their house.

To fight against the scam observed in the capital of the Nyanza-Lac commune, he asked the administrative authorities to identify all the irregulars and put an end to the “ligalas”.

Regarding the misunderstanding that has arisen in the leadership of EUSEBU causing insecurity in the commune, the governor of Makamba warned anyone intending to destabilize the peaceful faithful.

She indicated that anyone who does not want to follow the instruction of the provincial administration on this issue will have to wait for the decision of the minister having the interior in his attributions, without disturbing the security of the commune.

Mrs. Ngozirazana also recommended closing all buildings operating illegally as hotels or halfway houses.