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Bicycle taxi riders are called on to group together in cooperatives for their self-development


May 17, 2022

RUMONGE May 16th (ABP) – The governor of Rumonge province (south-west of Burundi), Mr. Consolateur Nitunga gathered, on Friday, May 13, the bicycle taxi riders to listen to their grievances, in the objective of continuing to organize the transport sector well.

During that meeting, Mr. Nitunga called on the bicycle taxi riders to contribute to the development of the province by grouping together in cooperatives and supporting the construction of the provincial office building under construction. He invited them to register at the level of the areas where they practice their profession to allow the administration to easily solve the problems encountered by them in that activity.

view of the participants

He thanked them for their massive participation in the community development work being done at the provincial level and encouraged them to continue in the same direction.

Those bicycle taxi riders took that opportunity to submit their grievances to the governor. Among the main issues raised are the irregularities observed in the collection of contribution fees for the construction of the provincial office. They clarified that a designated official to carry out this task asks them for money without giving them receipts. They also pleaded for an upward review of travel costs in the city which, according to them, do not correspond to current life.

Reacting to those questions, Governor Nitunga decided that the collector of those fees be suspended until the end of the investigations. Thus, that task has henceforth been entrusted to the chiefs of the zones.

Regarding the upward review of transport ticket costs, Mr. Nitunga invited the drivers of bicycle taxis to prioritize consent with their customers. The latter said they were satisfied with the answers given by the governor and promised to implement everything that was asked of them.