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The FAJA-Inkingi cooperative is at the service of development


Apr 30, 2022

KIRUNDO April 29th (ABP) – The Women in Action, Youth in Action, FAJA-Inkingi cooperative, on Tuesday harvested fish in its fish ponds located in Kavogero village in Kirundo commune and province (north of Burundi), a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

That association chairperson, Mrs. Pascaline Nyayoya indicated that the members are determined to support the government’s objective to increase production, and specified that the first harvest is estimated at one ton of fish.

Mrs. Nyayoya took the opportunity to urge the people of Kirundo and especially women to massively join the cooperatives to support the government’s slogan saying that we must work so that every mouth has something to eat and every pocket has food. money.

As for the governor of the province Kirundo Mr. Albert Hatungimana, who attended this work, indicated that the cultivable lands become more and more exiguous following the overpopulation, reason for which everyone must work in synergy in the cooperatives for self-develop. He added that Kirundo province is multiplying fish ponds in all communes to deal with climate change that could disrupt agricultural production.