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For a good management of public finances, a reform of budgeting


Apr 27, 2022

GITEGA April 27th (ABP) – The Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security is organizing, from April 25 to 29, 2022, in Gitega (center of the country), jointly with the Ministry of Finance, Budget and economic planning, a workshop focused on program budgeting for all communes in the country. The meeting saw the participation of administrative officials and direct communal development officers from all over the country. Those are, in particular, provincial governors and their advisers in charge of development and finance, provincial officials of the plan office, communal administrators and their advisers in charge of development, communal accountants, presidents of councils and the presidents of the financial commissions within the communal councils.

In his opening remarks of the workshop, the minister in charge of community development, Mr. Gervais Ndirakobuca, indicated that the workshop aims at the success of the missions of his ministry. For more precision, he said that the purpose of the workshop is to produce a budget document for each of the country’s municipalities for the 2022-2023 financial year, according to an identical format.

Mr. Ndirakobuca added that the workshop aims to teach participants the methodology to transcribe the contents of the communal community development plan and the annual investment plan into tools leading to budgeting in a new format.

To the participants of the workshop, he asked to immerse themselves in the content of the training to better serve the country.

The permanent secretary at the ministry responsible for finance appreciated the scope of the aforementioned reform. “This reform will make the task of monitoring and evaluating the execution of project activities more effective and efficient and will allow municipalities to have an early view of cash flow needs and to be able to prepare for them, he added.