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Spiritual, mental and economic conversion workshop


Apr 25, 2022

MWARO April 25th (ABP) – The Provincial Health Office (BPS) of Mwaro in partnership with the Anglican Church Diocese Matana, organized from April 20 to 22 a workshop aiming at the conversion of the community for the culmination of a sustainable development for technical partners and administrative authorities. Its theme was “Ingendo nshasha y’iterambere ifatiye kw’ihinduka ryo mu mutima, mu mutwe no mu mupfuko”.

In his speech for the occasion, the governor of Mwaro province, Colonel Gaspard Gasanzwe, who opened the proceedings, indicated that the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS, like other ministries, has developed approaches allowing the change of mentality in order to break with the bad attitudes which constitute a handicap with the promotion of the health of the people. That is the information-education-communication approach to bring about a change in the behavior of the people.

Thus, World Vision Burundi, which is the leader of development partners in health in Mwaro province, is accelerating local partnership with faith-based and community organizations to promote sustainability and community ownership of interventions for the well-being of the people in general and children in particular.

He said the workshop focused on spiritual, mental and economic conversion in Mwaro province. He thanked those who had responded to the invitation in general and the Anglican Church of Matana in particular which funded the holding of that workshop.

Note that after the training, the participants will be able to define an action plan for their respective communes and the Mwaro province.