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The activities carried out by the COIEDE are appreciated by the provincial authority


Apr 13, 2022

CIBITOKE Apr 13th (ABP) – The governor of Cibitoke province encourages the Cooperative for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Development (COIEDE) for its innovation activities.

COIEDE is progressing well, according to the governor of Cibitoke province, Mr. Carême Bizoza, who visited it on 7th April 2022. The governor appreciated it through its activities and encouraged the organization of the COIEDE for the progress of the activities. These are the agro-food processing project, with the manufacture of juices from various fruits; the energy project, which transforms household waste into briquettes; and the project of electromechanical manufacturing of various machines and objects. Founded in 2018 by ten people, COIEDE now has 14 members, with a paid staff of 26 units, according to its Director General, Mr. Salomon Ndizeye. He said that in its objective to innovate and create jobs, COIEDE plans to hire at least a hundred young people within two years.

According to its consultant and expert in the supervision of cooperatives, Mr. Ferdinand Hagabimana, COIEDE wants to become a center of professionalization, for other cooperatives, in the administration and management of cooperatives. On this, COIEDE aims to support at least one cooperative per commune, which will serve as a reference for the others, when a certain number of cooperatives have problems in this area. The consultant reveals that COIEDE intends to take advantage of all household waste in the province, to manufacture briquettes and generate employment for young people, a practice for environmental protection, replacing charcoal.

In his electromechanical project, the same COIEDE official indicates that there are advances in the manufacture of various machines, of good quality beyond all competition, and requests the support of the administrative authority to help in its promotion. The said cooperative wants to make the province proud, but does not lack problems in its projects, including the lack of land, for the storage of the machines manufactured, for its activities and its innovation work. However, COIEDE already has partners, such as the NGO Spark, the administration and others, and has already benefited from a loan from the Youth Bank, according to information gathered on site.