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The Speaker of the National Assembly has met the representatives of cooperative societies


Mar 17, 2022

KAYANZA March 17th (ABP) – In the continuation of his tour in line with the parliamentary holidays, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe, in the company of his wife and parliamentarians elected in the constituency of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), brought together representatives of cooperative societies on Wednesday, including those called Sangwe located on all the hills of this province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his welcoming speech, the Governor of Kayanza, Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, deplored the fact that fertilizers are not sufficiently transported to this province, while fearing that the agricultural population could record delays in sowing and that this risks negatively impact production. Here, he clarified that Imbura-type fertilizers have been sent to this province at 95% but that there is still work to do with regard to Totahaza-type fertilizers sent at a rate of only 35%.

View of the meeting participants

Another challenge facing Kayanza province, according to Mr. Cishahayo, is that relating to the shortage of fuel oil type where that province spends more than a month without being supplied with this type of fuel.

In turn, the provincial representative of the National Agency for the Promotion and Regulation of Cooperative Societies (ANACOOP) in Kayanza said that the field of cooperative societies is in good shape in this province because, he explained, Among the 262 Sangwe cooperatives scattered in this province, 167 of them have a heritage exceedingly more than 10 million Burundian francs while 82 other hillside cooperatives have a capital varying between 5 and less than 10 million Burundian francs. According to the ANACOOP representative in Kayanza, the third category includes 13 cooperative societies with assets valued at less than 5 million Burundian francs.

In his occasional speech, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe, called on the cooperative societies which are still dragging their feet to change mentalities while explaining that the cooperative societies in this case those called Sangwe being in all the villages are far different from cooperatives as a whole. For him, cooperative societies are politico-economic and must comply with communal community development plans (PCDC).

The government interferes in the organization and monitoring of these cooperative societies to prevent them from going bankrupt, continued Mr. Ndabirabe adding that it is for this reason that those cooperatives benefit from exemptions.

As for the mission of cooperative societies, the President of the National Assembly indicated that they are the first to allow the increase of national production and the valuation of the currency, to raise and popularize the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and influence public debt. In addition, he pointed out that cooperative societies intervene in the multiplicity of companies and companies and in the increase in the trade balance deficit.

As he did during the two recent meetings, the Speaker of the National Assembly gave a lot of advice to the representatives of the cooperative societies and the Sangwe cooperatives of the Kayanza province where he challenged them to be leaders worthy of their names and to exercise discipline everywhere and in everything they do. Mr. Ndabirabe also invited them to avoid favoritism but rather to be unifying.