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Opening of the three-day forum on civic engagement


Mar 17, 2022

BUJUMBURA March 17th (ABP) – The World Bank and the NGO Word vision, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, are organizing from March 16 to 18, 2022 in Bujumbura, a forum on the commitment citizen: tools, experiences and impact, for development partners, government representatives, citizens, civil society and the media.

In her opening speech, Mrs. Annonciate Nshimirimana, Director of Planning at the Ministry of Finance who represented the Minister (online or by videoconference), indicated that the government is committed to transforming the Burundian economy on the ground, which requires appropriation by everyone and which translates as “citizen actor, citizen beneficiary”. She added that the government wishes to improve the results not only of the projects in execution, but also those under development.

View of the forum participants

According to Mrs. Nshimirimana, Burundi has embarked on a fight against poverty with a view to sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The combined efforts and coordination of all actors will guarantee access for all to the country’s resources, which requires everyone’s commitment and contribution. According to her, that is a determination of the government which is part of the effort to promote results-based management in all sectors of the country’s life.

The Director of Planning at the Ministry of Finance did not forget to point out that the present foundations come to support the efforts of the government which must materialize by improving the performance of these projects financed by development partners in general and more particularly those financed by the World Bank. During these three days of training, the hope is that all participants take ownership and have all the essential tools for the proper management of projects through the approach of citizen engagement.

She asked the participants to make a real commitment, to work hand in hand in life to no longer register cases of financing of projects that fall into cancellation or cases of extension of the deadline for the execution of projects.

The World Bank’s Resident Representative in Burundi, Mrs. Véronique Kabongo, clarified that the World Bank considers improving citizen engagement as a global development priority. According to Ms. Kabongo, citizen engagement means that citizens should have access to information about projects, but also there should be channels for them to share their feedback on what is working well and what can be improved.

The representative of the World Bank specified that the world experience, including that of Burundi, indicates that if two-way communication works well, it will contribute to setting up useful projects for the population. This will generate better development results in the various sectors of intervention of the World Bank, including health, education, social protection, opening of corridors, improvement of the standard of living of the rural people and so on.