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Towards the construction of a sports ground


Mar 1, 2022

GITEGA March 1st (ABP) – The Burundi Head of State Mr. Évariste Ndayishimiye, joined, on February 26, 2022, the people of the commune of Gitega, in the province of Gitega (central Burundi), in carrying out community development works.

That work consisted of the manufacture of concrete used in the paving of the ground floor of a field which will house the games of volleyball, basketball and netball. “We were indignant at the recent halt to the finals of the volleyball championship, in our presence, following the torrential rains and this aroused in us the desire to provide Gitega, the political capital of the country, with a quality playground,” said Mr. Ndayishimiye.

He added that he aims, in the long term, to make this ground, a sports ground. He asked the population of the province of Gitega to give themselves body and soul in the realization of that infrastructure.

Addressing the entire Burundians, he asked them to be tireless guardians of peace, unity and security, specifying that these elements constitute essential pillars in the development of the country. To officials at all levels of the country, the Head of State asked them to be models in the development of the country and to forge links with their subordinates in order to constitute an indivisible unit, a source of national cohesion, he argued.

As for state officials, President Ndayishimiye asked them to clear their way in entrepreneurship to be able to live decently. He appreciated the level of change of mentality reached by the population of the province of Gitega in terms of development and encouraged them to go forward. During the execution of these development works, an opportunity was given to personalities wishing to contribute to the construction of the aforesaid building, where these personalities undertook to donate 604 bags of cement and a sum of money around 1,300,000 BIF.