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Eleven families ordered to hand over illegally occupied property in three months


Mar 8, 2022

CIBITOKE March 7th (ABP) – The National Commission for Lands and Other Assets (CNTB) gave a three-month deadline, Thursday March 3, 2022, to the heads of eleven families who built illegally, in the property of a named Ladislas Babiryababigaya, located in Nasagarare, Murwi village and commune, in Cibitoke province (north-west of Burundi).

That was declared by the person in charge of monitoring CNTB activities in Cibitoke province, Mr. Godefroid Ntahondi and head of mission of a team sent to verify the execution of CNTB decision 805 for the Babiryababigaya family, obliging the illegal occupants to come to terms with the said owner.

According to testimonies of the inhabitants of the capital of the Murwi commune, 33 families gradually settled in this property of Babiryababigaya and that of a certain Ernest Ntukamazina, from 1991, fleeing the fighting which took place in their hills of origin.

Subsequently, the owners seized the CNTB to settle their dispute with these illegal occupants of their properties. The CNTB ruled in their favor in 2018. For that, 22 families who built on the side of Ernest Ntukamazina complied, paying 450,000 BIF per plot built.

However, eleven families who should get along with the other family, resisted. That prompted Babiryababigaya to return to the CNTB, to demand the implementation of decision 805, rehabilitating the latter. Thus, a CNTB team was sent for verification, based on a sketch, of the occupants of eleven plots claimed by the Babiryababigaya family. After verification, a period of three months was granted by the CNTB to the illegal occupants, to agree with the owner Babiryababigaya. After this time, the CNTB will use its skills to rehabilitate the owner and bring out the recalcitrant.

Questions were asked and answered, while for those who are not satisfied, Mr. Ntahondi advised them to resort to other bodies, not forgetting that of the CNTB.