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People ask for the rehabilitation of the bridge connecting Karagara and Gitwe villages


Feb 11, 2022

RUMONGE February 11th (ABP) – Since the Buzimba river bridge linking Karagara villages and Gitwe was destroyed by the rains that fell in December last year, the traffic of vehicles and motorbikes became difficult as some of the locals in those villages have pointed out.

The latter indicated that there were even cases of accidents following the collapse of this bridge, regretting that access to these two villages is practically impossible for vehicles, including the ambulance, which transported the patients to Kigutu hospital. The latter ask the municipal administration to take that issue in hand so that traffic can resume as before. The situation is thus at the moment when another bridge which connects the villages of Karagara and Mugara was recently rehabilitated by the inhabitants of the two villages using the planks which are fragile for the large vehicles hence the difficulties for the traders of the palm oil, a commodity in abundance on both villages.

The leader of the Karagara village, Mr. Onésime Nizigama confirms that information while specifying that he has already reported it to his hierarchy. Note that the same question concerning the collapse of the bridges connecting the villages was raised by the people in various communes of Rumonge province already visited by the governor.