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Torrential rains mixed with strong wind caused damage in Gahombo commune


Dec 30, 2021

CIBITOKE December 30th (ABP) – About 1.3 million seedlings of all varieties produced in Cibitoke province must be set up for this silvicultural campaign 2021-2022, as indicated by the provincial manager of the Burundi Environmental Protection Authority (OBPE), Mr. Fidèle Nzigamiye.

To achieve this, all stakeholders in general, and the population of the entire province in particular, must be mobilized, so that all the seedlings produced are put in place without delay. According to the same official, more than 53,000 seedlings produced by the OBPE, including 40,000 eucalyptus and callitrus seedlings, as well as 15,000 agro-forestry ones, have all been grown.

For the protection of the edges of rivers and borders, nearly 30,000 bamboos produced in the localities of Murwi and Buhayira, in addition to other products in the nurseries of the communes of Rugombo, Buganda and Mabayi, as part of the – Ewe Burundi Urambaye – Program, must be fully implemented before the end of this underway campaign.

The OBPE also produced a lot of seedlings in its Manege seed timber stand program in Murwi commune. In Mabayi commune, 206,000 native species are in the nurseries of Rutabo and other localities of the commune.

Programs and projects have produced their seedlings, notably the national reforestation program “Ewe Burundi Urambaye” which has produced 17 nurseries with more than 300,000 different seedlings, in the six communes of Cibitoke province.

Other programs and projects such as INADES-formation, the PAGRIS project and the NGO ZOA have also produced thousands of seedlings in different communes of the province, according to information gathered at the OBPE.

The manager of the OBPE in Cibitoke did not forget to point out the efforts which are noticeable in the protection of forest saplings in the Cibitoke camp and in Bukinanyana commune. It is worth noting that testimonies from various local administrative officials confirmed by the provincial branch of the OBPE, let it be known that the permanent stabling measure is already benefiting afforestation, while the phenomenon of bush fires is no longer talked about on the hills of the province.