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At least 75 fraudulently entered loincloths were seized


Dec 28, 2021

CIBITOKE December 28th (ABP) – At least 75 loincloths of Congolese origin not cleared through customs, were seized in the afternoon of December 23 and are stored at the provincial police station in Cibitoke (north-western Burundi), police sources said.

Those goods from the DR Congo were discovered in the homes of Kabibi and Bonnie from the Gasenyi Rural village, where they were well hidden, in grass used as pasture for cows, according to the same sources.

This lot is the third seized in a week, after that of 16 loincloths seized by the traffic police, on December 19, at the Nyamitanga barrier in Buganda commune.

Those fraudulent goods were seized thanks to the work in synergy of the members of the joint security committees at the border of the province of Cibitoke and the DR Congo, the same sources revealed.

Administrative and police officials in Buganda commune ask the people to denounce all those who commit fraud in their respective villages, in order to eradicate the persistence of fraud on the Rusizi river.