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At least 217 houses have been destroyed, three wooden electricity poles fell due to heavy rain


Jan 3, 2022

CIBITOKE December 3rd (ABP) – Torrential rain mixed with strong wind, which fell   in the Rugombo zone and commune, Cibitoke province, in the evening of Thursday, December 30, 2021 caused a lot of material damage and a dead cow struck down, according to the Rugombo zone leader, Mr. Bénoît Ngendakumana.

At least 217 houses were destroyed, three wooden electricity poles fell down and more than ten hectares of various crops were damaged, according to the zone leader.

The affected villages are Rugeregere, Samwe, Mparambo 1 and 2, Munyika and Rukana 2, while nearly 400 families became victims of that weather variation.