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The Archbishop of Gitega Simon Ntamwana has celebrated his 75-year birthday in his native parish of Mukenke


Dec 28, 2021

KIRUNDO December 28th (ABP) – The Archbishop of Gitega Simon Ntamwana celebrated his 75-year birthday on Sunday, December 26, 2021 in his native parish of Mukenke in Bwambarangwe commune of Kirundo province (northern Burundi), a check in Kirundo province by ABP has revealed.

However, the ceremonies were organized by the natives of the same commune of Bwambarangwe from two parishes of Mukenke and Buhoro to congratulate that person in authority in their commune and in the whole country in general.

Honorable Denise Ndadaye, representing the government in the ceremonies

In his Homily, Bishop Ntamwana insisted on the development of households, insisting that the development of the country is conditioned by the well-being of the households; hence he urged the members of different families to serve as a good example regarding self-development and development of the country, and educate their children well.

He took the opportunity to thank his parents who ensured his good education and who led him to become the servant of God. The Archbishop of Gitega is delighted that he has reached his 75-year birthday when his native country is generally peaceful, and thanks the government which is striving to build peace and security.

On her part, the first vice president of the senate Denise Ndadaye who represented the government, congratulated Mgr Ntamwana on his 75-year anniversary and especially on the acts of development he carried out. She then asked the servants of God present to devote themselves as they do to spreading the word of God and specially to remind believers to respect the barrier measures taken against COVID-19.

As for the bishop of the Diocese of Muyinga Mgr. Joachim Ntahondereye, he expressed his sincere congratulations to his counterpart on his 75-year anniversary, also stressing that Bishop Ntamwana has contributed a lot to the development of the country and that he has sufficiently preached the population the divine Word. Bishop Ntahondereye also praised his acts of development carried out in his native commune where he built the orphanage.

In recognition of the good deeds carried out by the Archbishop of Gitega in his commune of Bwambarangwe, the natives of the same commune gave him 7 cows.