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The GWP III project promises to invest in the fight against juvenile delinquency


Dec 20, 2021

GITEGA December 20th (ABP) – Women and young people from certain communes of the province of Gitega (center) and who have undertaken micro-projects for self-development have recommended their peers to change their mentality in order to be able to spawn the path of development.

They made that recommendation on Friday, December 17, 2021, during a session to share experiences on the successes recorded and the solutions assigned to the problems encountered in the exercise of their self-development projects.

The successes have come from zeal and determination, the participants in the aforementioned session testified. They added that the same strengths were used to overcome the problems.

To young people who say they are unemployed, they recommended breaking with the bad behavior that molds them in poverty, citing in particular delinquency, idleness, the consumption of drugs and the underestimation of remunerative work.

Instead, they recommended them to join self-development associations, to embrace the small trades to be able to build up working capital and to avoid behavioral differences.

Similar recommendations were also addressed to women to encourage them to achieve empowerment.

However, they winked at men who constitute a handicap to the economic empowerment of their wives, explaining to them that this baseness is detrimental to family economic development.

The head of the GWP III project belonging to the non-governmental organization Care International which had organized the meeting in question and the advisor to the governor of Gitega province, expressed, in their interventions, congratulatory messages to the people who took the lead in the trailer of their households on the path of development.

To the young men and men who drag their feet to join others in self-development, they asked them to do battle.

On the proposal of the participants in that experience sharing session on economic empowerment, the head of the GWP III project promised that the project will invest in raising awareness among young delinquents to renounce their perverse behaviors and align themselves in the ranks of development leaders. The activities of that session ended with the presentation of prizes to the winners of the questions centered on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

The prizes consisted of bicycles, loincloths, umbrellas and hairdressing helmets.