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The World Entrepreneurship Week has been celebrated


Nov 16, 2021

CIBITOKE November 15th (ABP) – The World Entrepreneurship Week commemorated from November 8 to 14, was an opportunity for the Integrated Polytechnic University of Cibitoke, to talk about its academic training in entrepreneurship and the awakening of entrepreneurship among the youth.

For the teachers and students of that university, it is time to say no to ignorance among many young people. According to Ferdinand Hagabimana, teacher and entrepreneurial expert, people need to learn to identify the opportunities around them. Also, as a tip for young people, you have to exploit opportunities before others know them, and with a business vision, it is best to start early and avoid giving in to fear.

A young person who saw the problem of lack of drinking water at the modern Cibitoke market and who made plans to sell it for less, testified that he has made a lot of progress. Many students from that university have testified that knowledge of entrepreneurship has enabled them to create jobs, and have become job providers and not job seekers. On that, they asked that from next year, the celebration of said week be done in all communes of the country to sensitize the people and especially young people on entrepreneurship and development.