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World Entrepreneurship Week, 2021 edition


Nov 16, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 15th (ABP) – The University of Burundi organized a round table on Thursday November 11, 2021 for young entrepreneurs, researchers from the University of Burundi and microfinance institutions as part of the world entrepreneurship week edition 202. The chosen theme is “Responsible Entrepreneurship” to mobilize all stakeholders to promote the emergence of the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and makers of change.

In his speech, the rector of the University of Burundi, Professor Sanctus Niragira said that World Entrepreneurship Week is the largest event celebrating entrepreneurship in the world. He added that this year, the latter is being held in the week of November 8 to 12, 2021 in more than 170 countries. This makes it possible to encourage the greatest number of people to exploit their spirit of initiative and innovation.

He said that in Burundi, this World Entrepreneurship Week coincides with many government efforts in this sector. He cited in particular the integration of entrepreneurship in the National Development Plan (PND) 2018-2027 and in the national employment policy. He also referred to the promotion of private enterprises through the establishment of favorable conditions for the protection of private enterprise to increase jobs for young people, the creation of banks for young people and women and of the guarantee and impulse fund.

Mr. Niragira pointed out that the transition from university to employment is a long and difficult process in Burundi. According to him, the number of formal jobs available is often insufficient to recruit all the young people entering the labor market, and does not offer a living wage.

Research shows that entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming a means of relief from the soaring unemployment rate in several countries including Burundi, he added. He also specified that the organization of the World Entrepreneurship Week appears as a reminder to the reason of some people who still think that the State is the only employer.

The organization of this round table was also an opportunity for the participants to renew their commitment to “responsible entrepreneurship”.

Socio-professional actors exchanged views on a variety of subjects related to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship in the context of Burundi, supporting testimonies and sharing of experiences.

The country director of German Sparkassenstiftung Eastern Africa-Burundi (DSIK), Mrs. Irène Inayange, partner of the University of Burundi, welcomed the organization of that round table and pointed out that its organization is the result of a successful tripartite partnership. between DSIK, the University of Burundi, and the network of microfinance institutions (RIM). She specified that the DSIK is strongly mobilized in several activities with its partners, through capacity building projects, financial education, rural finance and institutional support in the microfinance sector.

According to her, the unemployment rate among young people remains a handicap in the economic growth of Burundi. To overcome this problem, DSIK is counting on the partnership that it is forging especially with the University of Burundi, which has already borne fruit, including the capacity building campaign for around 600 young laureates and students from the University of Burundi. Mrs. Inayange, DSIK wants these young people, once trained, to be able to get to work, create their own jobs, access financial products and services and develop prosperous economic activities.

On the same occasion, she indicated that DSIK is ready to support any initiative aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and financial inclusion in Burundi.