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The Minister of National Defense and Veterans Affairs has participated in community service


Nov 16, 2021

RUTANA November 15th (ABP) – The Minister of National Defense and Veterans, Mr. Alain Tribert Mutabazi, paid a visit to the headquarters of Rutana province (south-eastern Burundi) where he participated in the work community development before going to an orphanage in the area to help the children who live there, we observed on site in Rutana.

During that visit, Minister Alain Tribert Mutabazi who was accompanied by several executives from his ministry and a good number of soldiers, alongside the governor of that province, mixed materials to make concrete for the construction of the columns of the second level of that building which will have three.

In his welcoming address, the governor of Rutana province, Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, said that there are only 5 days left for a year to end since the start of construction work on this structure which will serve as a provincial office. He indicated that the step taken is very large and allows us to hope that the two years that we have set ourselves to complete the construction work of this building will be well respected. The governor said that the means which made it possible to take the step which they are in the construction of that building come from the contributions of the population, nationals of the province, friends and even of the State. He appealed to continue supporting the construction of this building through multiple contributions. For him, given the state of the work, it is possible that within a year the work will be completed.

As for Minister Mutabazi, he said that when peace and tranquility reign, the military take the opportunity to contribute to the country’s development work. He thanked the people of Rutana for the work done and asked everyone to continue to make their contribution to the achievement of that important work and to continue to work in harmony in the administration-people-force quadrilogy of the order-justice. Minister Mutabazi pointed out that the province has many assets to develop and mentioned among others the tourist sites of Karera and Nyakazu, the sugar company of Mosso and so on. To materialize his contribution to the construction of this provincial office in addition to the manual work carried out, he gave the governor of the province an envelope of money equivalent, according to his own words, to 100 bags of BUCECO cement which, according to him always, could cost 50 bags of expensive and solid cement used in the construction of this building. Afterwards, the minister paid a visit to the so-called Iratabara house which accommodates 15 orphan children and helps 8 who are in foster families, according to the head of this small orphanage, Mr. Désiré Ndagijimana. The minister gave food and non-food aid to this house, consisting of 300 kilograms of rice, 300 kilograms of beans, an envelope of money for the purchase of food supplements such as oil and salt as well as 20 boxes of soap.