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The First Vice-President of the Senate has carried out a raid in the commune of Matana


Nov 12, 2021

BURURI November 11th (ABP) – The first vice-president of the Burundi Senate, Mrs. Denise Ndadaye, on parliamentary recess, carried out a field trip Wednesday in Matana commune, Bururi province (southwestern Burundi), where she met the administrative officials, religious, shopkeepers and representatives of approved political parties from the communes of Matana and Mugamba. The senators and MP elected in the constituency of Bururi were there.

Previously, Ms. Ndadaye had started her business by sowing potatoes on a two-hectare property belonging to the Anglican Diocese of Matana Church. She said that during this period of parliamentary recess, the elected representatives of the people carry out field trips in the communes to discuss with the people on their concerns