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Washable towels deemed useful by the feminine world in Muramvya


Sep 29, 2021

MURAMVYA September 29th (ABP) – The impact of washable and hand-sewn dignity kits is already being noticed on the ground according to the testimonies of some women and girls incarcerated in Muramvya prison (center-west). That was said on Saturday by the leader of the association Together for peace, environment and development (TED), Fabrice Muhoza, after the survey session by the members of TED on the impact of the washable towels distributed, there is over six months, to about sixty women and girls of ovulation age. Women and girls who have used those dignity kits have indicated that the importance is clear that those towels are washable and last a long time. It was also an opportunity for the members of the TED association, in collaboration with the Red Cross, branch of Muramvya, to teach about twenty volunteers from that branch how to sew these washable towels by hand.

Considering the impact of the sample we had at Muramvya prison on the importance of those dignity pads for women and girls of ovulating ages, Mr. Muhoza asked for financial support, material and moral so that their initiative can continue.

In partnership with the volunteers of the Red Cross of Muramvya, the president of TED asked the authorities empowered in the development of women and those responsible for the hygiene of the female world as well as the companies and businesses that are affected by the personal hygiene of women in order to support the Kigeme project in the promotion of washable and less expensive dignity kits, according to Mr. Muhoza.