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Towards the development of a joint and consolidated action plan


Sep 27, 2021

KAYANZA September 27th (ABP) – The Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Déo Guide Rurema said, Friday, September 24, in a meeting organized in the headquarters of Kayanza province (north of the country), for the benefit of the executives of this ministry, experts from NGOs and technical and financial partners working in the agro-pastoral sector to inform them of the priorities of the government of Burundi with a view to developing a joint action plan and consolidated, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

At the end of that meeting, Minister Rurema, during an interview with the media, indicated that this meeting is organized after another which was moderated by the Burundian head of state to indicate the orientations of the government. with regard to the environment, agriculture and livestock. That Minister underlined, moreover, that this meeting was also organized in order to sensitize the participants on these broad orientations to then make a joint planning not only of the activities but also of the budgets so that they can be more efficient and effective on field. That joint action plan will soon be consolidated so that it will be submitted to the Cabinet meeting very soon, he said.

Minister Rurema was delighted with that step taken because, he testified, certain non-governmental organizations or certain partners are working while taking into account their programming or their budgets. Everyone will have to align themselves with that joint action plan, because after the validation of the said plan those who will not appear in it will be considered as if they have changed their zones of intervention, added Mr. Rurema, specifying that this document will lead them to update and renew the agreements.