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The President of the Republic of Burundi calls on stakeholders in the agriculture sector to redouble their efforts to increase agricultural performance


Sep 26, 2021

GITEGA September 20th (ABP) – The Head of State of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye, with the Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Breeding, Deo  Guide Rurema, senior executives of the State , technical and financial partners in the agriculture and livestock sector, made on Thursday on September 16th, a field trip in maize fields, potatoes, beans and vegetables in Gasunu marshes in Giheta commune and Nyagihundo in Makebuko commune to realize the vegetative state of cultures and the pitch crossed by cooperatives in the pooling of land and the popularization of new agricultural techniques.

The Head of State opened that field trip into the Gasunu marsh exploited by farmers’ members of the Cooperative Tsindamapfa grouped into three associations.

Those farmers who master crop irrigation techniques make crops from varying alternation crops and continuously without interruption.

President Ndayishimiye continued that field trip into the Nyagihundo marsh with an area of ​​47 hectares. That marsh operated by 800 households who brought their land to maize and bean fields that constitute an agricultural radiation center.

The Head of State explained that this practice of pooling household lands that keep their own lopins has benefits at the level of the coach of farmers and the popularization of new agricultural technologies.

He also indicated that land pooling prepares the land for the village policy that will improve the social conditions of the people.

One of the potato fields visited

In particular, it indicated that the government has a project to supply drinking water so that by 2025 each village has drinking water.

The field trip was followed by the meeting that the President of the Republic of Burundi held for those stakeholders in the agriculture and breeding sector to exchange adequate strategies to develop the sector of the agriculture.

The target result is to increase agricultural efficiency and thus realize the “responsible” and “laborious” slogan that targets that each mouth has sufficient food to eat and each pocket has money.

President Ndayishimiye reaffirmed his government’s commitment to the valorization of the agriculture, environment and breeding sector that constitutes the Burundi economy’s development lung.

It is with that in mind that the government has initiated the financing of colorary cooperatives and the agricultural input grant.

Mr. Ndayishimiye commended the benefits earned by the village cooperatives over the past year.

The evaluation carried out on all the country’s hills reports on the success of cooperatives at more than 65%.

Also, the government has promoted agricultural radiation centers in each municipality.

The President of the Republic has invited stakeholders to combine their efforts in carrying out rural development projects. He invited everyone to get involved in the implementation of development projects that also require follow-up by their land visits.