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The Burundian ombudsman has joined the people of Kayanza commune in community development works


Sep 27, 2021

KAYANZA September 27th (ABP) – The Burundian ombudsman, Edouard Nduwimana, along with the officials of the ombudsman institution, joined the population of Kayanza commune (northern Burundi) on Saturday in the work development plan (TDCs) which consisted of drawing the contour lines in Kinga village more precisely in the military field, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his welcome speech, the governor of Kayanza, Rémy Cishahayo, indicated that his province is doing well in all sectors and that the people go about their daily activities peacefully to fight against poverty and hunger. He further indicated that preparations for the A 2022 growing season are going well and that farmers are only waiting for the rains to fall. He praised the active part of the natives of that province, especially by setting up production processing units.

However, development is only possible if security is safeguarded, he said, while calling on the people to ensure that the peace is safeguarded and to report, whenever necessary, to the administration and officials. security forces, any element likely to undermine security to block the road there in time.

Same story for Mr. Nduwimana who, in his speech, called on the people of Kayanza to always remain vigilant to bar the way to any element disrupting security since the enemies of the country are not lacking.

He praised the dedication that characterizes the youth of Kayanza in strengthening security and called on them to continue in the same vein.

In order to participate in the construction of the three-level building which will house the provincial office and other decentralized services, the Burundian ombudsman and the executives of the institution under his responsibility have given a contribution of 1,500,000 BIF.

In the same vein, the soldiers whose families reside in the town of Kayanza and grouped together within the “Dushigikirane” association granted 20 bags of cement to Kayanza province.

The Burundian Ombudsman as well as the representative of the Dushigikirane association took that opportunity to call on everyone to provide a contribution for the finalization of the said office.