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NGOs are called upon to comply with PCDCs and PAIs in their interventions


Aug 20, 2021

RUTANA August 20th (ABP) – The governor of Rutana province (south-eastern Burundi), Mr. Olivier Nibitanga, asks non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in his province to always work in accordance with communal development plans community (PCDC) and especially the annual investment plans (PAI) which determine the priorities of each commune.

That appeal was launched on Wednesday August 17 during a coordination and monitoring meeting of interventions carried out in Rutana province in order to understand the interventions of technical and financial partners, and to strengthen the coordination and monitoring mechanisms of their interventions.

Governor Nibitanga invited the representatives of these NGOs to express themselves on the achievements made, the future prospects and the constraints encountered. Among the constraints mentioned, they mentioned the Covid-19 which caused there to be a delay in the execution of certain works following disruptions in supply.

The provincial governor thanked the NGOs for the works they are doing on the ground. He, however, indicated that there are some which need to be rectified, in particular those which are carrying out activities which do not benefit the people, or which carry out activities beneficial to the people without taking into account their priorities. He gave the example of the leaders of an organization who asked to come and distribute shoes, for a sum of more than two billion Burundian francs. To this end, he indicated that he gave them an authorization, while asking them that the next time, they will have to comply with the annual investment plan of the commune in which they want to intervene.

Regarding Covid-19, the provincial authority has said that this disease is present in the province but that there are no houses burning. He therefore recommended not to launch alarmist messages.

The heads of provincial services in which the NGOs intervene asked to be associated from the start of the work in progress for a follow-up.

Regarding the concentration of NGOs in Giharo commune, the wish was expressed to see all the communes supported in the same way. For his part, the administrator of Mpinga-Kayove commune thanked the NGOs working in this locality. At the same time, he declared that the doors of his commune are open for any NGO.