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Male traders are called upon to form a coalition in cooperatives or associations


Aug 5, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 5th (ABP) – Male traders appreciate membership in cooperatives or associations, the secretary of the cooperative known as “Turikumwe turashoboye” (Together we can), Mr. Côme Havyarimana, told a check by ABP last week in an interview.

During the visit of the check by ABP, Mr. Havyarimana indicated that the cooperative buys motorcycles to resell them to their customers. They started at a number of 20 people in 2016 with a small capital which enabled them to buy 5 motorcycles for the start. Today, he noted, there are 39 people able to buy 10 motorcycles.

To that end, he said that they have formed that cooperative in order to fight against unemployment and support the development of the country.

According to him, that cooperative is made up of men traders and officials, who regrouped and settled in Bujumbura City Council, Kamenge zone of Ntahangwa urban commune.

He added they created that cooperative with the main goal of facilitating the motorcycle sellers and avoiding the scam because, there are motorcycle thieves who are caught in collaboration with the police, he said.

He added that in the event of a motorcycle sale, they leave 5,000 BIF in the cooperative’s cash register, and if a member is hospitalized, it contributes 50,000 BIF, specifying that at the end of the year, each member receives an envelope of 100,000 BIF.

Besides the sales of motorcycles, they got into agriculture and started growing rice in Mutimbuzi commune with a capital of 2,500,000 BIF which gave them a profit of 5,000,000 BIF.

Thanks to that cooperative, he testified that they are currently able to cover the needs of their families, because they have a lot of clients. He asked anyone who would like to sell their motorcycle to contact the cooperative to help them sell it easily.