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Young people from the Kinama zone got together to make clay stoves


Aug 5, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 5th (ABP) – The representative of young people from the Kinama zone in the urban commune of Ntahangwa who are involved in the manufacture of clay stoves (Imbabura), Mr. Claude Bizimana, indicated that this activity generates income for young people without jobs.

During an interview with a check by ABP on Monday August 2, Mr. Bizimana indicated that they started this work in 2011, numbering seven, but with the demonstrations of 2015, some of them had to return to the interior of the country. Three people remained active, according to Bizimana, who said their group now has 10 members.

They are currently teaching their trade to other young people who want to join that group. The members of the group are young people of various levels: there are those who have failed primary and basic schools, the uneducated and even unemployed university finalists.

The portions of clay already processed and used to make those stoves come from Gitega province, according to Bizimana. Those young people buy 300 to 350 portions, at the rate of 200 BIF per portion, he said, stressing that the transport fares are 40,000 BIF. To have a finished product, they need the sheets, Bizimana said, noting that used ones are bought at 1,500 BIF per meter.

He also indicated that the stoves produced per day are all sold and that the young people who are responsible for selling them are paid per month, according to the pieces sold. They earn between 30,000 and 35,000 BIF per month. Selling prices vary depending on the size of the stove. There are those of 1500 BIF, 2000 BIF and others of 3500 BIF.

Those young people are delighted that this profession gives them a living. They were able to start their families and manage to pay the children’s school fees and afford housing. However, they ask the State to support them because, they point out, they know how to make a lot of things but they lack the money.