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Owners of bars in Musigati commune lament that they are working at a loss


Aug 4, 2021

BUBANZA August 4th (ABP) – Owners of bars at the headquarters of Musigati commune in Bubanza province (north-west Burundi) have been complaining that they have been working at a loss since March of this year, a check in Musigati by ABP revealed.

The major cause of that loss mentioned by some bar owners is linked to the fact that four out of six wholesalers, who have depots, have become retailers and have set up bars. This means that others, who only have bars, no longer receive drinks from the BRARUDI Company, they say.

One of the owners of the bar on site that the check by ABP contacted and who preferred to remain anonymous, indicates that before March, he was receiving 110 crates of Primus and 80 crates of Amstel per week, but that currently, he does not exceed 10 crates of Primus and 5 crates of Amstel. He says the weekly profit has decreased from 165,000 to 15,000 BIF for Primus drinks, and from 240,000 BIF to 15,000 BIF for Amstel beer. He laments that he is no longer able to pay rent, taxes and bank loans. Bar owners are asking the administration and others concerned to oblige those who have depots to work in accordance with the contract and to let the owners of the bars detail.