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Call for good management of the maize harvest


Mar 21, 2024

BUBANZA, March 20 (ABP) – The administration of the province of Bubanza (North-West Burundi) says it is satisfied with the way in which the population responds to the call for the sale of corn grains to the National Agency for Food Security Stock Management (ANAGESSA). It nevertheless asks farmers to sell the surplus.

Until now in the fifteen zones of the province of Bubanza, the quantity of corn already collected in ANAGESSA stocks is more than 498,124 kilograms, or 498,124 tonnes of corn grains.

Some farmers, contacted by the ABP, mention the constraint linked to the distance from points of sale; which makes it difficult to transport those corn grains. They also fear that that corn sold will be damaged in stocks because, they say, the pick bags for its conservation are few in number compared to the quantity collected by the ANAGESSA, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The chief of staff of the governor of Bubanza province, Jean Bosco Nduwimana, indicates that that quantity already purchased by ANAGESSA is an eloquent sign that the corn harvest was good. He calls on farmers to properly manage that harvest and sell the surplus to ANAGESSA. He warns speculative traders, who buy corn at low prices from farmers not informed of the price that has been set by the State, that they run the risk of sanctions in accordance with the law. Note that, for growing season A, in Bubanza province, maize was cultivated on an area of 5,413 hectares and the expected harvest was 13,370 tonnes.