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Towards the construction of a modern market at Kinama in Mubimbi commune


Aug 2, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 2nd (ABP) – Construction work on the modern market of Kinama in Mubimbi commune of Bujumbura province (western Burundi) will begin in August, announced the administrator of that commune, Mr. Dismas Harimenshi, during the trip National Assembly Speaker Abel Gashatsi made to that commune.

Indeed, the Kinama market is very small. It consists of only three sheds covered with iron sheets in a state of disrepair. Traders spread their goods on the ground along the road leading to the commune’s headquarters and along the paths leading to the market, a check on Friday, market day by ABP revealed.

There is a wide variety of products, including clothing, fruits and vegetables, ripe bananas, plantains, dry beans, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes and onions.

Mubimbi commune is one of the very fertile communes in the country, so much of the food products sold in the economic capital Bujumbura come from the latter.

Traders and buyers praise that market construction project and ask that it be implemented without delay, because it will be an added value for them and for the commune which will collect a lot of taxes. Farmers will also find an opportunity, especially those who sell ripe bananas, plantains and onions as their products will be sold at a fair price.