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The Minister in charge of the Interior has granted a one-month extension period for the rehabilitation of anarchic constructions built near the roads


Jul 31, 2021

GITEGA July 31st (ABP) – Interior, Community Development and Public Security Minister Gervais Ndirakobuca said on Thursday July 29 in Gitega, at a meeting for governors and administrators, that he has granted a one-month extension period of August 2021 to the people affected by the measure to restore buildings built anarchically around the roads of the country.

Early September 2021, the Minister in charge of the Interior and the members of the committee of experts will assess the work to rehabilitate the constructions erected outside the road protection perimeter which must be 6 meters on each of the two edges.

Minister Ndirakobuca invited the administrative authorities to thwart the false information conveyed against this reorganization of anarchic constructions by explaining the merits of this government measure which targets the general interest of the people.

The demolition of anarchic constructions will help reduce cases of road accidents, he said. It will also make it possible to free up public space.

For the health aspect, the Minister of the Interior took the opportunity to call on the administrative authorities to continue raising awareness among the people on compliance with preventive measures taken against contamination from the coronavirus scourge.

He deplored the negligence of some people who lessened compliance with barrier measures taken against Covid-19. He recalled that the ban on dance evenings and karaoke evenings remain in force. He also recommended the strict control of the movements of people on the borders of the country.

He said the government has accepted the reception of Covid-19 vaccines which will be administered to people who express their will.

However, he said, they will have nothing to claim from the government in the event of the side effects of those vaccines on their health.

In terms of security, the Minister of the Interior also invited the administrative authorities to castigate all forms of crime such as popular justice, violence, the consumption of prohibited drinks and drugs.

In terms of the economy, he recommended the good management of communal taxes and duties. He also asked the administrative officials to continue sensitizing the people on their massive membership in cooperatives and associations to increase production.

He also recommended the peaceful coexistence among members of the various approved political parties and other social strata.