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Summer camps for pupils on vacation have been launched in Butaganzwa commune


Jul 28, 2021

KAYANZA July 28th (ABP) – The communal administrator of Butaganzwa in Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Mrs. Janvière Kanyana, launched last week the summer camps coupled with civic and patriotic education for pupils on vacation. Those activities coincided with the launch of the in-block sowing campaign of hybrid maize in the Nyandirika swamp, a check by ABP revealed.

In his speech, the head of the plant production department at the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock in Kayanza, Mr. Joseph Hatungimana, asked the operators of the Nyandirika swamp to fully put into action all the pieces of advice given by those in charge of the agricultural field from sowing to the harvest period.

On his part, the communal administrator of Butaganzwa, above all called on men not to leave the watering work to women and children alone because it turned out that men shirk this kind of work.

She warned loan sharks who buy immature crop fields that once apprehended they will be denied access to those fields. Mrs. Kanyana took the opportunity to call on the inhabitants of the villages overlooking the Nyandirika swamp to draw contour lines for the protection of arable land and that swamp.

As this activity coincided with the launch of summer camps for pupils on vacation in that commune of Butaganzwa which consisted of the manufacture of burnt bricks for the construction of classrooms, Administrator Kanyana urged parents, educators and the pupils especially those of the post-basic school not to take lightly this kind of activities because they will be coupled with civic and patriotic education.