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The international organization Tubura contributes to the development of the commune of Gahombo


Jul 28, 2021

KAYANZA July 28th (ABP) – The communal administrator of Gahombo in the province of Kayanza (northern Burundi), Mr. Sylvestre Ntunzwenayo, commended, on Saturday at the end of the concrete mixing work for the paving of various offices and latrines of the Nzewe zone meeting hall, the achievements of the international organization Tubura operating in that district especially in terms of increasing agricultural production. The employees of that organization had joined the local people in that work and gave as contribution 20 bags of cement, a check in Gahombo by ABP revealed.

The administrator of Gahombo commune underlined that the latter actively participated in the increase in production and that they enabled the said commune to take 3rd place among the nine communes of the Kayanza province in terms of the collection and purchase of dry maize kernels at the price of 680 BIF set by the State.

The officer in charge of external relations between the organization Tubura and the administration, Mr. Elias Mugabonihera, indicated that the employees of Tubura joined the inhabitants of that commune in that work in order to pay their contribution of 20 bags of cement for the completion of the Nzewe zone hall and its various offices and latrines. He thus asked the members of the groups to lend a hand so that the construction work of the said room is complete on schedule.

The communal administrator of Gahombo thanked all those who contributed and took the opportunity to call on the natives who have not yet paid their contribution to do so as soon as possible so that this meeting hall of Nzewe is inaugurated during the next ceremonies to celebrate the national day dedicated to municipalities and local solidarity.

It should be noted that the total cost of construction work for that zone meeting hall of Nzewe is estimated at 60,000,000 BIF with a capacity of 500 people.