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The displaced people of the Gisara site should move to new plots granted to them by the administration within three months


Jul 26, 2021

KAYANZA July 246th (ABP) – The National Land and Other Property Commission (CNTB), proceeded on Thursday July 22 to the execution of a decision relating to the land dispute between the family of Jacques Barakobotse from Gisara village in Muhanga commune of Kayanza province (north) with 29 displaced families of the site of that village who have occupied the land property of the aforementioned family since the 1993 crisis. The CNTB granted a three-month period to those displaced families to have left the property land of the Jacques Barakobotse family to move to new plots granted to them on Thursday by the administration, a check on the site by ABP revealed.

That case executed by the CNTB opposed the descendants of Jacques Barakobotse with 29 families made up of 178 members of the displaced persons of the 1993 crisis at the Gisara site.

The descendants of Barakobotse have been demanding for 20 years that their land property occupied by those displaced persons be returned to them.

The chair of the CNTB, Mr. Félicien Nduwuburundi, indicated that they proposed the settlement of the case out of court. Here, the commission has asked the displaced to buy the property, exchange it for another or leave if they do not agree with that alternative.

After that proposal failed, Mr. Nduwuburundi said it was decided to return the property to the descendants of Jacques Barakobotse without further form of trial.

However, in return, the administration opted to grant those displaced persons another property elsewhere. They were then recommended to leave that illegally occupied property within a period not exceeding three months.

Those displaced people raised their concerns saying that the time granted to them to leave the property is very short for having built new houses during that period especially since among them are very old people and orphans. Here, the chief of staff of the Governor of Kayanza, Mr. Vianney Ndikumana, called on them to help one another and, if necessary, the pupils on vacation could give them a hand. At the same time, he called on internally displaced people in general to return to their villages of origin because, according to him, one cannot stay forever as a refugee in one’s own peaceful country.