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The people of Mubira zone are called upon to tackle development and abandon deviant behavior


Jul 11, 2021

RUYIGI July 9th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province (eastern Burundi), Mrs. Emérencienne Tabu, calls on the people of her province to avoid the bad behavior that manifests itself during the summer harvest season, which is at the origin of family and community problems.

She made that appeal on Tuesday, in the Mubira zone of Butezi commune, during the field trips she is carrying out in all the communes of that province. She gave that piece of advice at a time when that ​​Mubira zone has recently been characterized by cases of public drunkenness, cohabitation and serious assault and battery caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

Those debauchery behaviors that cause social and community problems are especially talked about in the Mubira, Kurihomye and Ciyando sub-villages.

According to the administrator of Butezi, Mr. Dominique Bahora, the house in which the excessive consumption of alcohol and all its related offenses takes place would belong to a certain Joseph nicknamed Muremure, who is cited by the local population as belonging to the group men and women of the locality who indulge in all deviant practices, including excessive drunkenness, sexual vagrancy and cohabitation to name a few.

Mrs. Ingabire Jeanine, presiding judge of Ruyigi High Court who was with the provincial authority in that field trip in Mubira, said that since the beginning of this year alone, this area of ​​Mubira has already seen four cases of infanticide. Those children were not still born, but they had been strangled during their births by their mothers who did not want to keep them alive, since they had conceived pregnancies by other men.

“The locality of the Mubira zone and its surroundings must be kept under a vigilant eye of the quadrilogy to be corrected in the near future”, declared this authority, which specifies that all the organs of the state apparatus have stood up as a single man to fight against this aberrant behavior which destroys the harmony of families. A nod was also given to the Congolese refugee population in Bwagiriza and Nyankanda camps who were asked to comply with the strict application of both national and international codes and laws in force in protection with the protection of refugees and stateless persons.

Governor Tabu called on all the people of Mubira, women in particular, as well as the people of the entire Butezi commune and the entire Ruyigi province, to tackle development by grouping together mainly in cooperatives.