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The inhabitants of Muramvya province are called on to work in the quadrilogy so that the province can get out of fear


Jul 11, 2021

MURAMVYA July 9th (ABP) –The second Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (NA), Mr. Abel Gashatsi, along with the MPs elected in the constituency of Muramvya (center-west of Burundi), the chief of staff of the governor of the province and communal administrator of Muramvya, continued on Wednesday July 7 his field trips in the communes of that province where he joined the people in the community works.

Mr. Gashatsi, who was in the Bugarama zone on Wednesday, participated in the works related to the collection of stones that will be used in the construction of a school at the Kirerama sub-village, at Busimba village.

Stones were transported a distance of at least 2 km to the location that will house the school in anticipation, a check on the site by ABP.

In his welcome address, the chief of staff of the governor of Muramvya province, Mr. Christophe Nemeyimana, commended the regular participation of the second Deputy Speaker of the NA, in case of availability, in the community development works of his native province. He called on the people to ensure peace and security, as well as the conservation of the harvest and the proper planning of summer camps for the students on vacation.

For his part, Mr. Gashatsi called on the people of Muramvya to put forward the reconciliation of the Burundian people who were victims of the ethnic groups sown by the colonizers. He also urged the people to work in the quadrilogy so that the province can get out of the fear that was caused by an armed group qualified as terrorist who killed passengers at the national road No. 2 passing through Muramvya province.

Mr. Gashatsi also took that opportunity to sensitize participants in that community development works to group together in cooperatives and pool their land in order to improve agricultural production so that every mouth has to eat and every pocket has money, according to the principle of the Burundian government. He also insisted on the holding of summer camps carefully prepared by the communal and provincial administration.