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Two cooperatives for unemployed young people have benefited from a motor pump and other agricultural inputs


Jul 8, 2021

BUBANZA July 7 (ABP) – Two cooperatives of unemployed young people from Village 2 Murira, in Gihanga commune of Bubanza province (north-western Burundi), on Monday July 5, benefited from a motor pump, selected soybean seeds and other agricultural inputs from an association called “Solidarity of people for agricultural production (SPPA)”, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Those two cooperatives, which practice agriculture and livestock, are known as the “Cooperative of Young Thinkers for Development (CJPD)” and “Cooperative of Graduates for the Development of Murira (CDDM).

Mr. Charles Nyanduruko, legal representative of SPPA, indicates that this donation was granted to those cooperatives with the aim of increasing soybean production, up to at least 10 tonnes in July 2022. That association plans to build them a soybean processing plant into porridge, milk and others for export. The staff will be made up of members of those cooperatives. He also promises them capacity building to help them achieve their goal. For its part, SPPA provides support even in other areas and throughout the province.

As for the young people, they are delighted with that donation and ask for supervision to increase production, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The provincial head of the cooperative and associative movement, Mr. Edouard Nzambimana, calls on young people in cooperatives to be creative and to include the section of soybean cultivation in their projects to benefit from the support of SPPA. He also calls on other local NGOs to support youth cooperatives, which are a category of the working population that the country needs for development.

Note that there are currently 36 unemployed youth cooperatives across the province.