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The inhabitants of Bubanza are called for strengthening safety and appropriate provincial development


Jul 7, 2021

BUBANZA July 6th (ABP) – The governor of the province Bubanza (northwestern Burundi), Mr. Cleophas Nizigiyimana, accompanied by the elected MPs in the riding of Bubanza and the native frameworks of that province, have joined Saturday, July 3 to the inhabitants of the Gihanga commune in community development works that consisted of the construction of the stage at the headquarters of that commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech, Governor Nizigiyimana invited his people to appropriating the development of their province and combine their efforts to strengthen security, which, he said, is the major pillar of development. It requires everyone’s contribution for the construction of Bubanza and Gihanga stadiums, as well as other public infrastructures. Another appeal being to prepare to respond massively to the day of local solidarity.

As for the administrator of the Gihanga commune, Mr. Leopold Ndayisaba, he asked for the involvement of MPs elected in the riding of Bubanza for the good delimitation of the Rukoko Nature Reserve, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Speaking on behalf of other MPs, the deputy Côme Manirakiza promised that during the parliamentary holidays, MPs elected in that province will be involved in the implementation of provincial development projects. He calls local inhabitants to respect the prices of food products that have been set by the State.

Note that those MPs have granted a donation of 50 cement bags to the Gihanga commune for the continuation of the construction of the said stage.