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People are called on to do battle with allegations related to witchcraft


Jun 22, 2021

KAYANZA June 22nd (ABP) – At the end of the development works which took place on Saturday in the Rubungu village of the Gikomero zone, Rango commune, the administrator of that commune of Kayanza province, Mr. Déus Babahokubwayo, urged the people to do battle with allegations linked to witchcraft which have become commonplace in these days, especially in the site of internally displaced persons of Gikomero, because this risks compromising security, according to that administrative authority.

In his address to the participants in those works consisting of moving the bricks and developing the land where the basic school of Ntabandwa will soon be erected, which was built in adobe bricks and destroyed by the recent rains, the administrator of the Rango commune mentioned various works in progress and expressed his gratitude to his people for their self-giving.

He said development is not possible without peace and security. Mr. Babahokubwayo castigated the accusations of witchcraft that are talked about in the Buzirampfunya sub-village of the Gikomero village, precisely at the site of the displaced people of Gikomero where houses are smashed down and houses of those accused of witches burnt.

He said that far from undermining security, it is an obstacle to development. He also deplored the consumption of hemp by young people from the Gikomero site and took the opportunity to urge them to do battle with that poor practice because, according to the same administrative authority, it is not only harmful to their health but also to their safety especially since those young people would even be involved in certain despicable act being committed in that site of the displaced persons.

The communal administrator of Rango closed his speech while calling on the displaced people of the Gikomero site to return to their original villages as they are doing so to those of the other three sites of that commune where more than 150 households have already requested to return.

He thus called on the people who remained in the villages to help those wishing to return to their native villages and to reserve them a warm welcome.