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Men face many forms of violence, according to the association “Men in distress”


Jun 23, 2021

KAYANZA June 23rd (ABP) – After already six months of operation, the association “Men in distress” which acts in favor of the rights of men who are victims of violence against their wives, has already welcomed 43 men and 3 women. The leader and legal representative of the association, Boniface Nduwimana, said that the cases of violence suffered by men are numerous and multifaceted but which unfortunately go unnoticed. It is imperative that the government take the necessary measures that are likely to ensure respect for men’s rights; the representative of that association pleading in favor of men told a check by ABP during an interview he given to him on Monday. Among the 46 people listened to, the Men in Distress association identified 18 people in a remarkable and harsh situation, while 28 others were reconciled through dialogue.

Among them, 9 suffered violence including one who attempted suicide, 5 suffered psychological violence including two men with signs of depression while four others have physical violence including two men with serious physical violence. The organization has accompanied some to seek a solution together with the family and community development center (CDFC) in order to reconcile their families. Among them, 39 needed advice only to reconcile, including seven who were accompanied to the CDFC to be heard. Through the two-page statement, men suffer shameful violence caused by their wives even to be killed. In some homes, women have become impeccable to the point of becoming heads of the households, even in the presence of their husbands, said Mr. Nduwimana, adding that some women sleep in cabarets or come home late at night and give themselves the floor everywhere up to organizing dowry ceremonies without informing the husband. In addition, it is read in the same statement that some men are burned, traumatized, even cut off parts of the body and especially the reproductive parts. To seek solutions, some men decide to practice concubine behavior, commit suicide and others are exiled altogether to seek other lives, and the victims are the children.

Based on all those examples, the leader and legal representative of the “Men in distress” association asked the government to set up a day dedicated to men to discuss the violence they suffer. He also called for measures to punish the perpetrators of conflicts regardless of gender as women threaten men on the pretext that they are arrested on false allegations of violations of women’s rights. The same association pleading for the cause of man asked to give men the power to manage the treasury they sought because the wage inequality has become a source of conflicts where the one who touches a lot wants to be the head of family and responsible for everything. Mr. Nduwimana proposed to accept the voluntary choice of marriage to be contracted by explaining to the future spouses the two kinds of marriages (marriage with combination of property and marriage with separation of property) to avoid those problems of momentary divorces to share the treasury that was not sought.