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The beneficiaries of the Landscape Rehabilitation and Resilience Project in Burundi in Isare commune are called for patience


Jun 21, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 21st (ABP) – The NGO Accord, a service provider for the Landscape Rehabilitation and Resilience Project in Burundi (PRRPB) asks the people of Isare commune in Bujumbura province, beneficiaries of that project, to use further patience because the work in the villages will start soon, the feasibility study which was carried out by the Consultancy House SHER has been completed. This was indicated on Thursday in Rushubi, during a workshop for sharing results of that feasibility study.

This appeasement comes to answer the big question of the beneficiary people of that project of the government of Burundi financed by the World Bank to know when the effective start of the works in the villages while the local administrative officials, agricultural monitors and other implementing partners are ready.

Indeed, the works that will be carried out, according to the agents of the agreement, are in particular the drawing of the contour lines on which they will plant the fixing grasses which will serve as fodder to feed the cows that will be distributed, the development of the watersheds by growing trees and renewing old forests, protecting rivers and developing arable land by setting up radical terraces on registered land in order to increase agricultural production.

The same sources indicated that this work will be carried out by organized associations, which have proven experience in the production of tree seedlings as well as other works that do not require great expertise.

Regarding the protection of rivers, which requires great technical expertise, the PRRPB will call on technicians who are knowledgeable about it and who may come from elsewhere.

The village partners posed the question of finding sachets for the production of plants at a time when sachets are prohibited, adding that packaging made from dry banana peels is not practical and biodegradable sachets are expensive?

An expert on the agreement reassured them by indicating that the PRRPB will be able to buy those sachets and the cost will be integrated into the cost price of a plant.

To those who asked for a salary or a motivation for the execution of that work, the administrator of the commune of Isare, Mr. Gilbert Niyonkuru, asked them to put forward the self-giving because that project was difficult to obtain and it is a favor to see that their commune has been chosen in the two communes where the project is carried out in the country. He asks them to jealously protect the trees that will be grown because the plants that will be uprooted as was the case in the Benga zone for the trees of the “Ewe Burundi urambaye” program will be replaced and the perpetrators will be severely punished.